Over the years, the economic downturn in most of the All Saints Bay, as well as the reduction of the use of the estuarine marine space – both due to the absence of an efficient planning policy that transformed the tourist visit to the islands in one of the most spectacular projects that focus on ecotourism in Brazil – have caused disturbing signs of paralysis and socio-environmental deterioration that are reflected in its already precarious supporting infrastructure

Although all extension of the bay is considered an Environmental Protected Area – with the main objective of ensuring the protection of the islands – the disorder of socio-economic activities and the preservation of its ecological and cultural heritage that are manifested day by day , have been undermining the ideal of development and respect for the environment with sustained growth, a dream of the native populations, vacationers, engineers, architects and urban planners who propose innovative actions for revitalization.

The concept of urban-environmental requalification that has been developed by Baía Viva Foundation for All Saints Bay, as a whole is in line with this idea of preserving the values, history and culture from the islands. The guidelines that move its intervention seek to maintain the possible capillarity between the ecological and cultural heritage of the bay and the need for actions that add value and functionality. Therefore, any actions that could compromise the subjective essence of the intangible goods of the bay must be repelled and fought against. Preserving the bay, its islands and its surroundings is the main value of the Foundation.