With all the infrastructural difficulties, the stimulation for the growth of a more organized and welcoming tourism does not happen. All Saints Bay still shows good prestige that is spreads throughout the country. Its paradisiacal beaches and an ecosystem with rich biodiversity, the strong historical and cultural constitutions of the region, contrast with the real problems it faces.

Several islands in the bay show the ideal conditions for ecotourism, water sports and aerial sports (parachuting), fishing, diving in clear waters – with depth ranging from 12 to 45 meters – and where it is possible to observe wide variety of species of marine life, coral reefs and even the wrecks of ships and galleons. One of the favorite programs of tourists is the schooner trip through the waters of the bay, which could be better if there were satisfying conditions for debark on the main island. . However, in some of these islands infrastructure is very poor.

In addition to the various historical monuments spread over its islands and surrounding municipalities – the so-called Reconcavo Baiano – the various remaining symbols of the sugar cane and tobacco production cycle, as well as the popular and religious culture that is shown in the behavior and in the artisanal production from the native population, still show their unmistakable features. Boa Viagem Church that was built by Portuguese people in 1750 is the place for the largest religious event in All Saints Bay – the maritime procession of Bom Jesus dos Navegantes that is annually held between the days of December 31 and January 1.

Few places , especially Vera Cruz have reasonable number of lodges , hotels and restaurants and the existing ones – part of the informal business – are not prepared for a service of good quality.

To get to Itaparica Island, the most used means of transportation are the ferryboat (50 min.) and the catamaran (20 min.). They leave the Marine Terminal of São Joaquim in Salvador and go to Bom Despacho Terminal, on Itaparica Island. There are also schooners, rafts and motor boats. Itaparica Island is located 12 nautical miles from Salvador. It can also be reached through the road BR-324 (279 km.). The island has a landing strip in the Air Club with the conditions to work with medium sized aircrafts.

The commuting from one island. To another (there are 56 of them) is only possible through private vessels or schooners whose trips usually offered in tourism agencies. There are daily embarks that happen in the Maritime Center in Bahia , Bahia Marina and from the terminal of Madre de Deus Island.