The Foundation, since 2001, has been developing a broad work of urban requalification that encompasses projects of urbanization, system of drainage, recovery of houses, pavement of streets and squares as well as projects of water and sewage lines.

These interventions happened in the community of Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, that brought real benefits to the daily lives of  the residents , such as public health , quality of life , accessibility and consequent valuing of the area.

Baía Viva Foundation in a partnership with the Secretariat of the Sustainable City (SECIS) and PREAMAR turned out the Beach of Ponta de Nossa Senhora to be the first beach in the Northeast and the third in Brazil to be awarded the certification of the Blue Flag.  

The recovery of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Church and its stairway of access that were under ruins, brought back to the community one of the biggest historical patrimonies on Frades Island. Today tourists visit it and there are festive masses for the community and adjacencies.

There were some educational actions in the community as communitarian vegetable garden, bioregional map, elaboration of a booklet on Recyclable Residues of the community, elaboration of behavior directives on the beach and for street vendors, as well as lectures on environmental education.  

Some houses that were almost ruining were remodeled and it improved the quality of life of local residents.

In this community, there were also built a hostel and a recreational space and the residents had consultancies on service management.  Chemical bathrooms, showers and recyclable trashcans were installed in all the accesses to the beaches. They were signaled and ramps that facilitated the accessibility and tactile floors for disabled people.

Many Jet Ski and schooner pilots did not use to respect the safety limits on the beaches and they invaded the space of the swimmers, which brought a lot of insecurity. Buoys were placed and they brought back the safety and tranquility to tourists and local residents.  

The Foundations, together with the local medical center, provided frequent medical services to residents.

Actions with the community, together with the Fishing Colony were maintained as lectures on Environmental Education with local anglers, as part of the Project of educational actions in a partnership with COPPA.

The Waterway  and Maritime Pier  in  Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe was remodeled through a new concession that brought the generation of Jobs and income for the local  and adjacent community – many of these workers had been students in our courses of professional qualification that used to happen in  Loreto.

The community also has the benefits of a juridical consultancy of small claims that helps the community whenever necessary.