The interventions that had been planned by Baía Viva Foundation for All Saints Bay follow the directives that give them transparency and disciplinary support that are:

  • Positive appropriation of the values of the history and culture of the bay and its use in the generation of income, through the production of assets and services, as for example culinary specialties and local food, fishing and extractives’ (mariculture) dully benefited, labeled, qualified and certified and that are destined for national and international markets by using specialized networks for distribution. Following this sane context , it aims to motivate traditional naval arts that are still practiced in some places , even if in a lower scale ;
  • Improvement of environmental quality on the islands, through the recovery of urban environmental liabilities that are generated by the lack of basic sanitation, especially from sanitarian sewage and management of residues of urban solids – waste. The sanitization of the islands is sine qua non condition for the sustainability of any initiative of requalification or, also, of investments in infrastructure. Without the minimum sanitary conditions, it is impossible to broaden the spectrum of touristic visits for a segment with higher purchasing power.
  • Creation of stimulating conditions for the arising of local proposals for economic and social development , for the creation of social capital and the incentive to local technical habilitation that can be reached through innovative initiatives even if situationally  promoted from inside to outside.