The concern with the formation and education of youth and adolescents on Frades Island made the Foundation to inaugurate Baía Viva Little School – Sport, Culture and Education, after having evaluated the data of a research that had been held. The youths aged 8 to 17 years old, used to live under risky situations, especially on weekends when they were exposed to the “seduction” of drinking and drugs; to make things worse, 30% of them did not go to school. A pilot project was held and it involved 50 youths from Costa de Fora, where there are developed actions to stimulate social and interpersonal relationships. Ballet, “capoeira” modern dance and the choir are used to promote de development of many fundamental matters, especially the ones about hygiene and environmental education.

The school was inaugurated on February 2005 and it has worked on many important aspects for the development of youths, as, for example, detecting which problems of assimilation do students show in certain disciplines, and how to adjust them; also, it is crucial to perceive problems that are related to attention deficit and functional illiteracy. In order to be part of this little school  it is mandatory that the student is registered in one of the schools in the region and show good attendance and school performance.

The teachers, all of them volunteers, are recruited on the island, itself and, once a week, for all the day, and periodically, these educators take part in brush up activities for training and guidance.