Baía Viva Foundation believes that education is one of the pillars for the sustainable development of the communities. That is why it invests and attracts partners that act with not only vocational education, but also education and arts for children.

The Foundation has in Costa de Fora a Project that supports the community, with a school of education, arts and recreation; this school gives dance, capoeira e soccer courses on Saturdays, for around 50 children aged between 08 to 17 years old. These activities collaborate for keeping the children far from the seductive relationship with drinking and drugs, at the same time that they stimulate social and interpersonal relationships, working on fundamental questions as hygiene, education and environment.

The Foundation develops together with partner- educators, the qualification of local workmanship that stimulates the generation of income in the community through agreements. There has already been offered courses of technical training, as:

  • Kitchen assistant;
  • Customer Service – Events and Hospitality;
  • Makeup;
  • General services and chamberlain;
  • Popular handcraft.

With the purpose of strengthening, the regional vocation for tourism and to professionalize the provision of services, Baía Viva Foundation, invested in the area of gastronomy and design. Restaurants that already existed in the communities of Costa and Ponta de Nossa Senhora went through remodeling, created menus, uniforms and received training in order to improve services, focused on culinary and customer service. These activities were concluded on December 2016. For the following years, the Foundation intends to supply, together with new partners, all the demand of touristic services.