XVI, XVII, XVIII and XIX Centuries. All Saints Bay gathers an exuberance of natural charm that could easily classify it as one of the most exquisite touristic points in the country. Its story is mixed to the events that marked the first years of colonization in Brazil; its reserve forest that still keeps part of Atlantic forest and species of fruits and tropical plants that had been grown in the early days; the deep cultural roots that arose from the meeting of Europeans , Indians , Black Africans ; the rich architectural estate that had been inherited from Portuguese building as the churches , mansions and forts , refer to a fantastic tip though History.

The biggest maritime bay in the country not only inherited the intangible values that result from a solid combination of history and culture. Nature had already given it the curves , bridges , coves and hills that give special touch to its oceanic immensity. The bay also has fertile soil and it is rich in sources of fresh water . Anyway , an ecosystem of immensurable environmental value that is surrounded by warm , transparent and emerald green waters . It is almost a utopia.

XX and XXI Centuries. We will find the paradise that was found by Vespúcio , with innumerable problems that had been produced by the disorder of its occupation as a result of the absence of a planning that allowed vocational and self-sustainable growth. Its natural beauty gets along with many aspects that deteriorate the relationship between man and environment, especially the ones that involve the absence of economical – ecological planning.

The socio-environmental situation of the islands can still be considered as unable to identify and solve the problems that lead to social and environmental deterioration of the reality in which their inhabitants live. The absence of qualified education and illiteracy, cause the phenomena of under development and results in the non-capability by the inhabitants, to face the situation.

It is under this context that Baía Viva Foundation is settled, because of the inspiration of some businesspersons in Bahia aiming to recover and value one of the biggest and more representative postcards in the history of Bahia and Brazil.