Bahia Pesca

Baía Viva celebrated an agreement with Bahia Pesca Inc. on November 05, 2013 that aims the technical cooperation for the development of projects and activities in the areas of aquaculture, providing the development of fishing communities in the city of Salvador.

On March 2014, there was the first release of approximately 700.000 (seven hundred thousand)  larvae of crabs (megalopae) from the family of Uça crab (Ucides Cordatus L.) in the areas of mangrove on Bom Jesus dos Passos Island.

The second release happened on May 2015 and it was of approximately 600.000 crabs (megalopae) of the species of Uça (Ucides Cordatus L.)In the areas of mangrove in Caieira –Frades Island.

A Training Course in Shrimp Farming was held on April 2014 and its content was the creation of nurseries, settlements, feeding, monitoring and harvest.

On July 2015 it was done the re-settlement of Loreto’s watery with 250 species of young fish of varied species from All Saints Bay , especially parú (Pomacanthus sp.) ,mero (Epinephelus sp.), Carapeba (Diapterus Sp.) robalo flexa (Centropomus sp.),carapicu( eucinostomus sp.) tainha(Mugil lisa) and shrimp.

Environmental actions through educational lectures in schools from the region , colonies and associations of inhabitants , are frequent , as well as the participation in national and international seminars by the fishermen colony –Z3.

This agreement had its first additive on November 2015, this way assuring its renewal for two more years.


Blue Flag

Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Beach, on Frades Island, was approved by an international jury and was able to receive the Blue Flag. This program was started in France, in 1980 and it is considered the most important in the category in the entire world; the program contemplates beaches and marinas that fulfill a group of 34 requisites of socio-environmental quality, with this quality stamp.

The Blue Flag is granted by the non-governmental organization – Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE – Fundação para Educação Ambiental).

In order to receive the Blue Flag, Baía Viva Foundation, in a partnership with the Municipal City Hall of Salvador, and the support from the local community, developed a work for the adequacy in four main areas. : Environmental Education, Environmental Management, Quality of Water, Safety and Services. There were held improvements in accessibility, re-qualification of restrooms and of the commerce on the beaches, implementation of environmental signaling, among other measures and that always involved the community. The place is part of APCP (Área de Proteção Cultural e Paisagística – Area of Cutural and Landscaping Protection), from Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Church.


Term of Technical Cooperation Term MP /BA X FBV

In 2014, it was agreed the term of Technical Cooperation with the Military Police from the State of Bahia, with the aim to implement a basis of the Company of the Environmental Police (Companhia de Polícia Ambiental (COPPA)).

The objective of this cooperation is to provide the population an effective provision of services of environmental safety on All Saints Bay.


Prefeitura Municipal de Salvador

A Fundação Baía Viva celebrou vários convênios de cooperação técnica com o Munícipio de Salvador para atuação nas ilhas do Município desde 21/11/2012.

O objetivo destes convênios é estabelecer uma relação de Cooperação Técnica visando ações que auxiliem no processo de desenvolvimento e ordenamento bem como permitir a ampliação de serviços prestados pelo município nestas localidades.