Cultural Root

Aiming to strengthen the regional vocation for tourism and, on order to professionalize the provision of services, Baía Viva Foundation has invested in the areas of Gastronomy and Design. The restaurants in the communities of Costa and Ponta de Nossa Senhora went through a remodeling, and received the help for elaboration of menus, design of uniforms and training to improve culinary and customer service. These activities finished on December /2016. For the next years, the Foundation intends to meet all the demands of touristic services, with new partners.


Sustainable Destinations TOP 100 Stamp


Top 100 Green Destinations has the purpose to reward the worldwide destinations that had better represent the sustainable tourism. In 2016,  they elected the best places with environmental and social preservation and it divulged the list on the World Day of Tourism – September 27 – in Slovenia.


Based in 15 criteria, green destinations previously had to provide information on the place and the efforts to keep sustainability in favor of visitors, residents and the entire world.


All indications were evaluated by experts and by members of Green Destinations, Travel Mole Vision for Sustainable Tourism, and Destination Stewardship Centre, that included more than 60 experts on Sustainable Tourism.


Among the selected destinations, Brazil had two included in the list: Ponta de Nossa Senhora Beach, on Frades Island and Fernando de Noronha.



Preamar Coastal Management develops solutions for coastal environments through the management of socioenvironmental, economical and urban resources. In addition, the company also provides services on environmental consultancy in the four big areas of Oceanography: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology.   In order so, it has a team of researchers, consultants and qualified professionals in the areas of Oceanography and Environmental Education.  The company is a developer of a pioneer protocol for the re-qualification of beaches and marines that are substantiated in the National Plan of Coastal Management and on international criteria – THE BLUE FLAG PROGRAM.

Baía Viva Foundation has made an arrangement with Preamar Coastal Management since July 2014 to have the certification of this program in one of the beaches it works on, Ponta de Nossa Senhora Beach –Frades Island.

With resources from   Baía Viva Foundation and the support from the Municipal Prefecture of Salvador, Ponta de Nossa Senhora beach went through adaptations in order to fulfill the criteria of certification. These criteria contemplate four main areas: environmental education, quality of the water, environmental management, safety and services.  The seal Blue Flag in annually awarded by the non-governmental organization – Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE – Fundação para Educação Ambiental) to beaches and marines that fulfill of thirty four (34) requisites of socioenvironmental quality.

Since July 2014, teams from Preamar have done periodical chemical analysis of the water, promoted actions for environmental awareness and sustainable tourism, beyond indications of structural improvements. Results can already been seen and among them there is the building of bioregional mapping of the beach and the involvement of the community in the questions of environmental education. Nowadays the residents themselves make a direct communication with tourists so that they make conscious and sustainable use of the place.    

In 2016 Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Beach, on Frades Island, was approved by the international jury to be awarded the Blue Flag.