The Memorial Center on Frades Island was created to show, register and divulge the importance of the Island as a natural and cultural patrimony in Brazil and Bahia.

Frades Island keeps the milestones  of its trajectory since the indigenous cultural basis until the current days.

With the arrival of the Portuguese people, in the beginning of the XVI Century, there comes the start the process of colonization that incorporates the indigenous basis, its values and the doings of the western culture – with Portuguese -roman aspects – and from the African culture that had been brought by the black slaves. The encounter of these ancient people was the main factor in the construction of Brazil, in any place of our territory in which it had happened , as here on Frades Island.

The Memory Center aims the protection of this patrimony that had been built from this encounter, and to be a place of reflection about it. The material and immaterial acquis that can be found on Frades Island, is the basis for the development of actions that search for the valuing and dissemination of its culture, by supporting research projects and other cultural initiatives that have the island as its object of study.

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