Cerimonial Loreto

Em Loreto um dos destaques foi a revitalização dos novos acessos que levam até o píer de atracação.

before and after

Another place that has been contemplated by the work of urban requalification that has been developed by Baía Viva Foundation is Loreto. There, it was built a pier for embark and debark of people, as well as the old accesses that nowadays allow that the local communities have free circulation, independently of the weather conditions.

Beyond the actions that had been referred before, it can also be highlighted the recovery of the old mansion from the farm where now it is the Memory Center from Frades Island. During all the year, tourists and school groups from local communities and other regions, visit the beautiful and cultural richness.

The Receptive of events that has the name of Loreto Ceremonial was built on the ruins of old buildings near the church. The aim of this space is job and income generation for the local population (Frades Island and Bom Jesus dos Passos) beyond the offering of training courses for the services they offer, that are chambermaid, receptionist, general services, waiter and kitchen assistant. The installations also host presentations from the project “Dance Little School”” and for events in a partnership with the municipal schools in the region.

With the purpose to contribute for the repression and protection of the local environment, the Foundation built, in part of the farm, the most complete installation for parking and supply of embarkations and accommodation of the Environmental Military Police (COPPA). Nowadays this basis does the environmental supervision and avoids predatory actions.

The entire promenade along the beach and next to the church that was ruined was rebuilt and requalified. For the first time in Bahia, there were installed public showers and restrooms for men and women.

In the end, aiming to preserve even more the environment, it was implemented there a center for the selection of recycling that not only brings many benefits for the planet, but also generates income for the local communities.