Baía Viva Foundation was created in 1999, and its macro objective was to contribute with concrete actions and own resources for the revitalization of socio-environmental relations in All Saints Bay. According to its Statute it is constituted in and entity of private right, non-profitable and with financial and administrative autonomy.

The Foundation has administrative organs a Board of Trustees, a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board. The current president is the lawyer Isabela Suarez.

The main actions that have been developed by the entity along the last 10 years , mainly happen on the islands that belong to the City of Salvador , especially Frades Island and Bom Jesus dos Passos, that has been going through a broad intervention of urban requalification in its social environment.

The headquarters for Baía Viva Foundation is in Salvador, at 555 Miguel Calmon Street, 10th floor, Comercio.