The perpetuity of the entire Project is tied to the commitment with environmental health. However, some of them deserve to be highlighted:

– In very spots on Frades Island there were installed vivarium, with species from the Atlantic Forest aiming the re-settlement of some areas in the island. Seedlings of jequitibá, pau-brasil, cedro, angico, aroeira, ipê-roxo among other fruit trees that were adapted to the soil as cashew, mango, ingá, pitanga, cajá, guava, cajazeira and others, were taken from the vivarium of Biofactory in Ilhéus.

– Since 2001, there has already been re-planted more than 150 thousand of species of the Atlantic Forest.

– Vivarium of seedlings of Native Palm Trees were also built in many parts of the Island. More than 120 thousand seedlings of coconut were planted.

– In 2005, the Foundation built a center for transshipment and garbage recycling from Frades Island. All the residues collected on the beaches are selected and recycled by using a trash compactor. Organic waste is taken by boat to Madre de Deus Island where the Prefecture of Salvador collects it.

– The Foundation granted deals with Bahia Pesca, aiming the technical cooperation for the development of activities in the area of aquaculture and fishing. These projects are aimed for fishing communities from Frades Island and Bom Jesus dos Passos.

– In the water supplies that were built on the Island, limits in the ocean, millions of Young fish of varied marine species were sent to the sea after some months they grew in this vivarium. On other side, the program of re-settlement of crab larva is already on its fourth edition and around 2.8 million larvae have been freed.

– Covenant with Preamar for the implementation of the Blue Flag program whose objective is to broaden the awareness about protection of the marine and coastal environment, and to incentive the holding of actions for the solving of existing problems. The Association Blue Flag in Europe (Associação Bandeira Azul da Europa(ABAE) ) is a non-Governmental Organization of Environment (Organização não Governamental de Ambiente (ONGA)) , non-profitable one , dedicated to the education for the sustainable development and to the management and recognition of good environmental practices.

– Covenant with the Environmental Military Police (Polícia Militar Ambiental (COPPA)), in Loreto with the necessary support for supervision and repression of environmental crimes in all the East and North of All Saints Bay.