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before and after

Since 2001, the Foundation has been developing a broad work of urban requalification that contemplates projects of urbanization, system of drainage, recovery of houses, pavement and squares, as well as water and sewage projects.

The interventions in the community of Costa de Fora, brought real benefits for people from the area that together to public policies significantly contributed for the valuing of the place.

Among the innumerable improvements done , it is highlighted the building of a walkway on the sea shore , with length of 1 km and that allows the commuting of inhabitants and students from the community to the village of Paramana , independently of the time of the year or the level of the tide . A direct reflex of this action was the reduction of absences in the schools from the region that is located in this community.

Likewise, yet in Costa de Fora, because of a Technical Term of Cooperation that had been agreed by Baía Viva Foundation and the Prefecture of Salvador , it was built a Health Center, multi- sporting court and a playground , as well as a crèche/school.

With the purpose of bring back the local community’s self-esteem; Baía Viva Foundation has a recreational space for culture and leisure. In this space, there are dance, capoeira, and parties from the community.

Regarding the incentive to local tourism, it is highlighted the remodeling of two restaurants from the community: Da Costa Restaurant and Varanda da Costa Restaurant, as well as a future project of requalification of a lodge there.