Bom Jesus dos Passos

Bom Jesus dos Passos Island is located on All Saints Bay and is part of the City of Salvador.

In this place , together the Municipal City Hall of Salvador , the Foundation has been developing , since 2001 , a big work for urban requalification that contemplates projects of urbanization , system of drainage , restoration of houses , street pavements and squares , water and sewage pipelines.

The best result of this partnership is the implementation of a small shipyard that will guarantee the artisanal fabrication of ships made of fiber and wood. Other important actions that come from this work in a partnership are also happening, as:

  • Building of 03 (three) multipurpose sports courts;
  • 03(three) playgrounds;
  • Gym center;
  • Créche – school;
  • Square with 04(four) huts;
  • 02(two) new piers Boarding and Disembarkation of people;
  • 02(two) new restaurants in the retro area of Brito;
  • Commercial Center in the Retro area of Brito;
  • Isolino Museum;
  • Maintenance and preserving of Bom Jesus dos Passos Church;
  • Promenade for walks in the South and East areas of the Island;
  • Requalification of the Beaches on the South and East areas of the Island;
  • Actions of environmental education;
  • Support to sporting and cultural projects (Philharmonics of Bom Jesus, Brazilian Championship of Windsurf, religious events, etc.).